2 Years Party!!!


We are celebrating TWO YEARS of -[LoveFactory]-, LoveFactory Violet 2nd Rezday and of course… New Year’s Eve!
ZAK CLAXTON will delight us with his amazing voice and guitar. We’ll be dancing to the awesome tunes of DJ April McCoy and eleanora Scribe will be hosting. Trivia game carrying AMAZING PRIZES, fireworks, champagne for all and a lot lot of FUN and random giveaways!
Come as you are, bring your friends and let’s say goodbye 2011 and welcome 2012!!!

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Love Garden!

When you come to LoveFactory you notice a few things right away. Of course, the first thing you notice is LoveFactory itself, but then you begin to look around, and notice a few other things.

You notice the sim is well connected, with a walkway that will lead you just about everywhere on the sim. You notice that rather than have a “mall” or a “sim with a bunch of stores on it” look and feel, that things are quite well organised.

And you notice this amazing garden right in the center of the sim.

Ele Mathy and Kikko Dudek are the owners and creators of this amazing feat of beauty called Love Garden. Oh, and did I mention that everything there is actually for sale?

Trees and plants, decorations, furniture, toys, and so much more. Everything looks amazing, and it all works together to create this beautiful garden.

And now that the Christmas season is here, the entire garden has been redesigned with a beautiful Christmas theme. It’s white, it’s beautiful, and frankly, a lot of fun!

That’s the thing about Love Garden. You can go there to shop – and there are so many beautiful things to choose from.

You can go there to bargain hunt too. I know at first glance I’ve already found a Mini Mania board, several group gifts and a sale group sign, which means there’s more goodies available!

But the best thing about Love Garden? You can come here just to hang out, too. It’s true, hanging out can be dangerous, since you’ll want to buy all these wonderful things, but you have to try it. Bring a friend, bring a lover. It is called Love Garden, after all…

All in all, I can only give my warmest recommendations, and urge each and every one of you to stop by and visit. It’s an experience you won’t forget any time soon, and who knows? Maybe your own garden at home could benefit from Love Garden‘s gentle influence?

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Gregg’s choice – birdies on a fountain!

Gregg’s choice at LoveFactory this week is one of the most awesome things that I’ve chosen yet. It’s a simple item, with simple lines and elegant beauty, and it does some really cool stuff too!

I love this item because it’s a fountain. Fountains of all kinds, in Second Life and in real life fascinate me. This fountain has a beautiful water animation and sound that you can turn on and off. Oh yeah, listening to the water run in a fountain really makes me have to pee.

The birds are cute too. Lovely whatchamacallit birds (I’m not a bird watcher) sit on the fountain, and they sing, and they’re animated too.

Did I mention there’s sparkly stuff floating all around? There’s a particle emitter which makes the entire fountain seem to be something from out of this world.

And I still have to pee.

I know you want this fountain. The beautiful sculpts, running water, bird song, particles… they all make this fountain something that will fit anywhere, and impress everyone you know.

All week long, this green fountain will be on sale for only $69L, and if you don’t buy one, you’re a doodiehead.

So come down to LoveFactory, and bring a shopping bag, because you’re going to go wild in the store, I promise!

Now I’m going to go pee. See you there?

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YES!! My favourite LoveFactory thingie – FREE!!!!

We all know that LoveFactory’s stuff is great, right? We all know it’s beautifully made, really pretty and super functional? And we all know it’s priced nice and low so that we ALL can afford it?

There’s one thing I have to admit. It’s not all of LoveFactory’s stuff that turns me on. I’m not much for pink, and sometimes lovey-dovey stuff can get a bit… much for me. Besides, I’m a simple guy. I’ll take anything leather as a sign of your undying love any day.

Or… I’ll take pine cones.

Maybe not really. I have a feeling that pine cones would hurt if i did the same thing with them that I do with leather – and please don’t think i’m being dirty i’m talking about leather boots 😛

Pine cones remind me of home. I’m originally from Canada, and the forests around my home… amazing, simply amazing.

This wonderful basket of pine cones is just what my soul needed this week. A beautiful basket of home, adding to the feel of this autumn season, to the warmth of nature, and bringing back some great memories.

So, if your soul needs some of that lovin’, come down to LoveFactory, make sure you’re wearing your group tag, and grab this basket of awesomeness for FREE.

Now, back to my leather for me 🙂

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New Release! Great dates!

Remember the amazing calendar that LoveFactory released a couple weeks ago? The calendar that created a revolution in functional calendars that just can’t be beat in all of Second Life?

Well, since LoveFactory is all about options, it’s time for yet another amazing calendar. This time… it’s all about lovers. So beautiful, and so LoveFactory!

Did I mention there are lots of hearts all over the calendar?

This Lovers calendar (with all the hearts on it) has all of the same functions that we love about the first one. You can easily change the month by clicking the arrows There’s a different beautiful theme for each month that changes automatically when you flip through them! The themes… they have hearts on them.

To change the highlighted day, it’s a little more complicated. Ok not really – all you have to do is click it, and it’s highlighted.

Add your own pictures just by putting them in the contents of the calendar – you can put as many as you want! Your pictures, among all those hearts!

Hearts, lovers, photos, beauty and pink. I’m told the chicks dig that kind of stuff, and I’m betting, that some of you that are reading this are chicks, right?

Some of you are guys. I get that. I respect that. But I promise, this calendar will help you get chicks, if you’re into chicks that is. So yeah, you guys want to buy this too.

To all the chicks and the guys who love them in sl: Come grab this AMAZING calendar now! Only $249L and it’s yours! Grab it in world, or click the pic for the direct link to the marketplace! Of course, all of this is brought to you from LoveFactory!

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The Halloween Banner to bring on the holiday! FREE!

Not all the Halloween parties are over – far from it!

All parties have a guest list. If it’s not a formal guest list, where you’ve decided exactly who to invite, it might also be a general list, where you invite your entire clan, group, customer group…

But there’s always party crashers, right? I mean, what would a party be without those people that just happened to be walking by, already half drunk, hitting on all the hot people at the party when they themselves look like something like a cross between a monkey’s butt and an eggplant.

Thank gawd there’s this amazing floating banner, so you can let EVERYONE know where the party is!

Not only is it a great banner, with awesome colours and fantastic design, but it’s also got a whole bunch of poofers, to add some of that great Halloween atmosphere that your guests will really love!

So come down to LoveFactory – grab his AMAZING banner for only $0L (yup, that means “free) as a thanks for being a group member, and remember…

Have a happy Halloween!!

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Halloween is TOMORROW everyone, so it’s time to go hunting for the last halloween item that you can get for FREE from LoveFactory!!!! Well, almost free.

The good thing about this one is, it loos just as awesome after Halloween is all over!

It’s part of the Haunted Forest Hunt, and will be available all the way until November 15th, for only $1L!!

Amazing candelabra, nice gothic feel to it, perfect for anything you can think about designing, and…

Well it has colour changing ghost emitter too. Just like your real life candelabra, no?

So, come grab this candelabra. It’s perfect for your dining room, your sitting room, your bedroom. It’s also perfect for hitting your partner on the head when you find out that they’ve just gotten a huge inheritance from their great-aunt Frieda.

Trust me, I know

So come grab it NOW, at LoveFactory. It’s easy enough to find, just look where everybody goes in the end… there is the lazy bear waiting for you…

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